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In compliance with the Privacy of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data (hereafter,
the “Guarantor”) of the 8th May, 2014 on “Identifying the simplified procedures for the disclosure and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies” (hereinafter, the “Cookie Policy”), Azienda Agricola Barollo Marco e Nicola s.s. , Via Rio Serva, 4 / B – 31022 Preganziol (TV) – e-mail intends to inform the user of the following:



Cookies are small text strings stored on your computer when you visit certain pages on the Internet, when you read certain emails or when you use certain services. These are simple lines of text used for different purposes: to perform automatic authentication, to store specific information concerning users accessing the server, to keep track of statistical behavior.
The management of cookies is under the direct control of the user: you can prevent the registration of cookies, delete them or simply select the ones you want to keep. In most browsers, cookies are enabled, at the bottom you will find the information necessary to change the settings of cookies on your browser. We provide this information as an integral part of our initiative oriented at compliance with recent legislation concerning this matter, and to ensure our honesty and transparency regarding your privacy when you use our website.



Browsing cookies (technical cookies)
These cookies are essential to allow you to move within the site and to use its features, such as access to restricted areas of the website. Without these cookies the requested services cannot be provided. For this type of cookie it is not necessary a prior consent of users for their use.

Third-party cookies

Through this site are also installed cookies managed by third parties (google analytics).
If you wish to have information about these third-party cookies and how to manage consent, please read the instructions below.

How to remove or block cookies

It is possible to prevent a site from using cookies for the described activities, or you can delete all saved cookies using the tools provided by your browser (the browser is the program you use to browse websites). Note that if you decide to disable all cookies, some features of the site you are browsing may be compromised.
You can temporarily browse avoiding that the browser registers the cookies generated by the sites enabling incognito browsing (also called “private browsing or” anonymous browsing “) available on modern browsers. In this mode the browser, depending on the version used, does not record cookies or record only some cookies necessary for the site to function. The cookies are deleted once the window is closed. In addition, in this mode, the sites displayed in the history are not saved and the information entered in the form is not saved in the pages.

Further instructions are available on the browser support sites used: Google Chrome and Google Chrome Mobile, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Apple Safari Mobile.
You can disable cookies altogether or delete them. It is possible to prevent only the advertising or behavioral cookies from being saved using the service provided by the website Your Online Choices.