Barollo obtains the SQNPI sustainability certification!

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Environmental and social sustainability has always been a theme very dear to our family, which has chosen the unique terroir of the plain between Treviso and Venice for the production of its wines. A truly precious wine area still to be discovered, where the vineyards grow strong between the marine climate of the Adriatic and the fresh winds of the Dolomites to surround and protect them. A terroir that gives us, year after year, wines characterized by a natural flavor and unmistakable freshness .

It is in these 40 hectares that we have always aimed at quality, collaborating with Riccardo Cotarella's Wine Research Team to always be at the forefront of experimentation and the launch of new projects in the wine sector. In a world in which the connection with nature is becoming increasingly important and delicate, we are convinced that only by respecting our land could we make great strides in protecting the environment and the final consumer.

By embracing these principles and aiming for an increasingly sustainable future, starting from 2022 production our cellar is certified with the "National Integrated Production Quality System" ( SQNPI ) brand.


This is a real certification scheme which has as its objective the valorisation of agricultural vegetable production obtained in compliance with regional integrated production regulations. A system recognized at community level and certified byValoritalia , the independent body responsible for checks on the vineyards and cellar. The SQNPI brand certifies that both our vineyards and our wines respect the environment and health through integrated management with low environmental impact, integrated by the additional commitments of the single sustainable certification standard for the wine supply chain.

INTEGRATED VITICULTURE is a working method aimed at solving the environmental impact problems of viticulture. A series of daily choices of the best practices available to be able to minimize human interventions and the use of plant protection products in the vineyard, while simultaneously maintaining correct quality and quantity of the grapes (and wine).

In this vision, the vineyard is considered as a true integrated ecosystem in which numerous living organisms interact, influenced by the situation of the soil, climate and atmospheric variations.

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SQNPI certification

SQNPI certification


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