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Join us and the Robert Hollman Foundation and build the first inclusive park in the city of Padua. It's simple: just a toast. Find out below how to turn it into a treasure!

Barollo for the social

In our cellar, together with wine, we have always produced opportunities for conviviality and relationships, pretexts for creating sharing, fueling the pleasure of being together. The Robert Hollman Foundation is committed to building a universal meeting opportunity in a green space ''by all and for all'': the Treasure Tree Municipal Park .

It will be a free space, without any limit to being together : a park without architectural barriers, totally accessible to children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, with and without disabilities.

It will be an inclusive park that will promote the freedom and integration of adults and children. It will welcome anyone who wants to play on the slides, get lost in the hedge maze, discover the plants in the raised garden or simply meet up.

It is rising in Padua , in a wonderful area of ​​the Lower Isonzo. It will have games, rides, areas for sports, socializing and aggregation in all its forms, and will soon be completed.

Barollo for the social

Relationships are branches to be cultivated

The project was born in 2016 at the behest of the municipality of Padua and the Robert Hollman Foundation. 17 non-profit organizations working in the field of social and inclusion soon connected to them, to the point of involving dozens of nursery and elementary schools in the province of Padua which hosted and co-led project workshops, involving more than 1,300 children.

The supportive branches of this Tree have grown to reach us who have decided to support this important and ambitious project. It is an achievable dream that requires time and funds, which is why every little help can be precious. The construction site has already started and there is very little left to reach the goal and in this final sprint there is more need than ever for solidarity help .

What can I do?

Help us create new branches and new roads for this news to travel.

Now you can:

  • Visit the Albero del Tesoro park website to find out more.
  • Make a purchase in our e-commerce using the discount code TESORO .
    This entitles you to a 10% discount on items not on offer, while we will reserve a portion of the amount you spend to support the Treasure Tree park project.
  • Purchase the Perlage Box and Tesoro Box packages at a discounted price.

Tomorrow you will be able to:

  • Bring the bottles to the table and show the sticker to your guests, talk about it, fuel sharing by telling us about our solidarity project.
  • Spread the word and pass the brochure: once read, give it as a gift and share the dream with others.
  • Come and visit us: in a few months, when it will be usable, we are waiting for you here, at the Albero del Tesoro park. To stay updated on the inauguration date, subscribe to our newsletter or that of the Foundation.

Barollo for the social

We are waiting for you in our e-commerce and on the Park website Treasure Tree , where you can find photos and more in-depth information about the game areas.


In our cellar we have always considered the gesture of giving wine as a gift of conviviality , an act of sharing, which we have decided to enhance even more by creating two beneficial boxes.

Whether donated or received, the Tesoro Box and Perlage Box packages are worth double: they are a gift for those who unwrap them and a treasure for the children of the Treasure Tree Park, since part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Hollman Foundation.

If giving wine as a gift is always a good idea, now it is even more so: transform your gift into a treasure:

-> Buy the PERLAGE BOX by clicking here .

-> Buy the TREASURE BOX by clicking here .

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