Why are wine-based gifts the perfect recipe for every Christmas?

  • by Barollo Winery
Does this ever happen to you? You are in front of a person to whom you have something important to say, you are very clear on what but you cannot manage how. The concept in your mind is very clear and compact, but on the contrary the words escape, they seem vague and partial, unsuitable for your interlocutor.

The same slippery sensation also recurs while we think about the perfect Christmas gift: we have a thousand possibilities, just as we have a thousand words, we know the recipient of the gift as we know our interlocutor and yet the ideas crowd together without any emerging from the cauldron.

But what is classic will save us. Among the thousand possibilities of your cauldron, wine is a gift that will prevent you from making slips.
With wine you are in an iron barrique. We'll immediately explain why:
  1. Wine should be poured and enjoyed

    Wine goes far beyond being a 'thing', an object. Under the bow, inside the package, protected by the thick glass of the bottle, there is an experience to sip, a moment to savor, a perfect combination to discover.

    If given as a gift at Christmas, this packaged moment is never wasted: it will not remain in the wardrobe like the sweater given to you last year and it will not gather dust in the cellar waiting for the perfect moment to be uncorked. It will be brought to the table and will soon be enjoyed in a moment of joy, giving satisfaction to both those who give it and those who receive it.

  2. Decorate and tell (if you also know how to tell)

    It is true that wine must be enjoyed, and that, once brought to the table, a quality product will quickly run out, making only a brief appearance in the glasses of diners, but the eye still wants its part , even for the duration of a dinner. A beautiful bottle on a beautiful table laden with red and green crockery gives a touch of elegance and abundance to every banquet.

    Wine also enriches a table with stories . The producer, the vineyard, the territory, the winemaking methods, a lot of information revolves around wine, fascinating and often curious stories that are an excellent point of conversation. Therefore, giving a good wine and sharing its history with the recipient of the gift creates a chain of knowledge and stories that color and enrich the tables with goodness and tradition. Playing the part of a sommelier and chatting about the wine while giving it as a gift increases its value.

  3. Wine is not only a classic gift, but it is also traditional

    It is precisely from the telling of the stories of wine that the scope of the winemaking tradition, the cultural depth and the values ​​that this product preserves and transmits emerges . So in addition to always being current and appropriate, like any classic, wine is also a gift that brings with it the continuous renewal of the past, of the bond with the territory , of ingenuity and timeless passion .

    If the wine ages, the idea of ​​giving it as a gift always remains young

  4. Wine is liquid conviviality and there is no Christmas without conviviality

    Wine amalgamates and binds the elements: it binds people around the table and binds food to drink. The round gesture of pouring the wine to everyone, one at a time, is the gesture of offering, of union. It is the glue between everyone and everything that revolves around the meal . And what moment is more suitable than Christmas to symbolically reiterate the desire to be together and share?

  1. Wine only fears teetotalers

    Wine challenges budget limitations and the most disparate tastes. It is a product that can be offered in a thousand varieties, capable of meeting everyone's tastes and anyone's budget, without sacrificing quality. A curious and accurate search can reveal some gems at truly affordable prices, because as we know, the value of wine does not depend on its price.

    Wine does not even fear beginners: it is entertainment and pleasure for those who are not connoisseurs as much as it is a moment of knowledge and satisfaction for those who are refined experts.

Wine likes to be pampered by wrapping paper and then in turn pampers those who pour it into their glasses. Alone or in a trio, packaged, wrapped, and enriched with a beautiful phrase, it is always an affectionate gesture. As a symbol of authenticity and sharing, it will always match any Christmas tree.


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