Small worlds in the making: the story of a bunch

  • by Barollo Winery

Flavors, sugars, water and lots of potential: inside every bean there is a world of possibilities. Experience then, together with studies and organoleptic controls, guarantees the maximum development of the potential of the bunch, according to the needs of the producers. It is the eyes, hands and taste of those who work in the vineyards every day that notice the changes and interpret them. This year, however, we have immortalized the salient moments, the main stages of this transformation to share them with those who are not lucky enough to experience it day by day.

Between May and June the inflorescences appear among the branches, destined to flower in June, then transforming into small grains

Fruit setting occurs in July: the fertilized flowers transform into fruits, small grapes form and the bunch begins to take on its typical shape.

During the summer months the grains continue to grow and increase in weight, so much so that the stalk that collects them begins to curve until they hang down

Until now the beans, regardless of the grape variety they belong to, were visually the same, with an opaque skin and a compact consistency. In mid-August, however, the color of each bunch begins to show and define itself: it is the beginning of veraison.

From the end of August to the end of September the grapes, thanks to the sustenance of the plant and the nourishment received from the sun, continue to ripen. Each berry grows in volume and the chemical balance inside it changes: the concentration of sugars increases while the acidity decreases. Maturation continues until the winemaker deems it appropriate to harvest


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