Transform your gifts into treasures: donate and toast by supporting the Treasure Tree Park

  • by Barollo Winery

Last October 28th together with the Roberto Hollman Foundation (link) and the Tennis club of Padua (link), our winery transformed 100 toasts into 100 new opportunities for the treasure tree park. 

Treasure Tree charity dinner

About a hundred supporters clinked glasses at the charity dinner in favor of the inclusive park of Padua, where the new fundraising campaign for Christmas 2021 was presented.

The campaign aims to create an accessible sports plate that will be built thanks to the sale of Gift Boxes : two packs with the best labels from our cellar packaged and ready to be given as gifts.

Barollo for the treasure tree

We designed them to make you make an excellent impression: the three bottles are enclosed in an elegant box wrapped with a red ribbon, accompanied by some gadgets and the Inclusive Park brochure which explains the beneficial value of the gesture.

We are convinced that giving wine as a gift, as we wrote last year in our article , is a gesture of conviviality and an act of sharing. We have therefore thought of two proposals capable of satisfying all palates, which we offer at a special price: 

Treasure Box from 65.00 euros

Frank! 2018 – Trebicchieri Gambero rosso 2021

  • Chardonnay 2018 – Trebicchieri Gambero rosso 2022
  • Classic method "Riserva Alfredo Barollo" 2013 - Dama Doro 2021
  • A corkscrew
  • A stopper

Perlage Box from 35.00 euros

  • Prosecco Rosè doc Treviso vintage 2020 Brut
  • Prosecco doc Treviso vintage 2020 Brut
  • Classic Method "Riserva Alfredo Barollo" 2013

The sports surface will be a space free of architectural barriers that will allow anyone to play basketball, tennis and volleyball. Like every space in the Albero del Tesoro Park , it will be accessible to all and will welcome children with and without disabilities, allowing them to play together, overcoming any differences and disparities.

The Albero del Tesoro park is in fact a free space where teenagers and children can play freely, have fun and do sports without obstacles. To find out more, watch the video below or visit the website

Each bottle will have a small sticker with the treasure tree logo: a symbol that is an invitation to bring to the table and talk about the Park's charitable project, in the hope that the word will spread.


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