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If you are a wine enthusiast, there is no better way to immerse yourself in this fascinating world than by taking a wine tour of the cellar !

Visiting a winery means living an immersive and educational experience to discover the fascinating world of wine, tasting the wines directly from the producer. A precious opportunity to get closer to the different winemaking techniques and refinement methods, the company philosophy and choices, but also the history of a place and the characteristics of a terroir .

This is why wine cellar tours have become one of the most sought-after experiences by wine enthusiasts from all over the world.

What to expect from a wine tour in the cellar and what phases is it divided into?

The visit to the cellar is an experience that includes several moments and its duration can vary depending on the territorial area in which it takes place, the type of final tasting and the activities organized during the tour.

Visit to the vineyard and the winemaking and aging areas
The visit is not limited to just tasting the wines but is a complete journey that develops starting from the observation of the vineyards and the surrounding landscape, the journey through the fermentation and winemaking tanks and the in-depth study of the wines aged in wood at inside the maturation areas (barrique cellar). A true 360-degree journey that embraces both the vineyards and the cellar itself.

Wine Tour Barollo
The guided tasting

One of the most anticipated parts of a wine tour in the cellar is undoubtedly the guided wine tasting. In this phase you will be accompanied to discover the range of aromas and flavors that wines can offer, learning to appreciate their nuances and combinations and to understand the differences between the vines used, the vintages and the winemaking methods chosen. Thanks to the guided tasting you will be able to refine your skills and your palate, developing all your senses. The Wine Tasting of Barollo wines is always accompanied by a platter of local gastronomic products such as cured meats and cheeses of various ages, capable of further enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of the wines being tasted. The products we choose to pair with our wines all come from small artisanal producers neighboring our cellar, who for years have operated with respect and love towards the Treviso area, enhancing the gastronomic riches and raw materials that this area can offer.

Wine Tasting Barollo

This experience will provide you with a unique perspective on the techniques used to bring different types of wine to life, allowing you to appreciate the final result you will have in your glass even more!

Walk among the vineyards, touch the leaves of the vines and admire the bunches of grapes, explore the winemaking areas and let yourself be fascinated by the patient work of the wood on the wine and finally let yourself be guided in a tasting combined with excellent local products. The wine tour in the cellar is a truly precious opportunity to fully appreciate and understand the work and passion that hide behind every bottle of wine.

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Barollo barrel cellar

Wine Tasting Barollo


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