Wines for summer barbecues, which ones to choose?

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Wines for summer barbecues, which ones to choose?

The barbecue ritual is a pastime born in America in ancient times and widespread today also in Europe and Italy given its convivial and festive nature. With the first days of spring, groups of relatives and friends begin to gather around the grill and then continue throughout the summer, the golden season for these moments in the open air and in company! Whether at the seaside or in the mountains, with meat, sea or lake fish, vegetables and cheeses, it is always essential to choose a good matching wine.

Wines for summer barbecues

What do you drink during this joyful and carefree ritual?

Naturally, the choice of wine depends on the food we decide to cook on our grill. There are many variables at play and can influence many gustatory factors when deciding on the most suitable wine, although the type of grilling has similarities that all types of food have in common. For example, the bitter note of roasted meat or fish and the fattiness and succulence of the meat have a transversal influence on the pairing with wine.

To begin...

Grilling requires a fair amount of patience, especially during the preparation of the fire and the perfect cooking of the main course. Vegetables cook faster than meat and fish and are ideal for enriching starters. Courgettes , peppers , mushrooms and aubergines find the perfect match in the freshness of Prosecco : the effervescence of the bubbles will be exceptional for degreasing oils and sauces and teasing the palate before the following courses.

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Wines for summer barbecues

To accompany the grilled vegetables we can also choose excellent cheeses , more or less mature, which we will pair with a still white wine with a wide range of aromas and flavours, such as a Chardonnay vinified in steel.

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But let's get to the heart of the barbecue: fish or meat?

Wines for summer barbecues

The best wines for grilled fish

With fish there should be no doubts: the wine we will open will certainly be a white, to be served very fresh to fully enjoy its fruity and aromatic notes. Also in this case the aromas, flavor and minerality of Chardonnay are ideal for accompanying grilled fish . Also not to be underestimated are the bubbles in the fresh and fragrant nuances of an excellent Pas Dosé Classic Method , with its typical citrine aromas and marked minerality. If we decide to grill a fattier fish, such as salmon, we can opt for the good acidity of a nice Prosecco Rosé or a barricaded Chardonnay , with a perfect structure to support the intense flavor of the tastiest fish.

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Wines for summer barbecues

The best wines for grilled meat

The most famous barbecue is undoubtedly the American-style meat -based one. Here too, the wines to be paired should be chosen according to the type of meat we want to grill: sausages and salamis will go very well in combination with the fruity and slightly spicy notes of a pure merlot , while for white meats , such as chicken, we can choose the structure and elegance of an oaked Chardonnay .

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Wines for summer barbecues

Red meats such as pork ribs and Florentine steak are characterized by succulence and persistence and require red wines with elegant tannins and higher alcohol content . We therefore opt for the structure of a pure cabernet franc aged in wood, with its soft tannins on the palate, long and persuasive, and its notes of ripe red fruits and spices. The complexity and harmony we seek to best enhance the finest meats.

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Wines for summer barbecues


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