Barollo & Friends - Ep. 1: Delfino fish shop in Treviso

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Barollo&Friends - Episode 1

We are really excited to present to you our new column BAROLLO & FRIENDS , created with the aim of enhancing the typical features and excellences of our Veneto region (and beyond) and making you aware of the realities of the territory. Episode after episode we will accompany you in the kitchens of the restaurants that have also chosen to include Barollo wines in their menu and we will see the chefs at work creating a dish to pair with one of our wines. All the recipes you will see will be easily replicable at home to always have new creative ideas and try your hand at the combination that most attracts you!

🥂 Ep.1: the first dish of the day from the Pescheria e Gastronomia Delfino in Treviso 🥂

Fish shop and delicatessen Delfino di Mogliano (TV)

For the first episode we chose a place a few kilometers from our cellar, recently opened but already a point of reference for those looking for always very fresh and high quality fish: the Pescheria e Gastronomia Delfino . Here the raw materials arrive every morning directly from the Venice fish market and are carefully selected by Emanuele and Gianmaria, who know how to make the most of them in the creation of the first and second courses of the day, but also in the many cicchetti that fill the display case. 🐟🦑

The gastronomy is always stocked and offers traditional dishes and tasty novelties every day for the most sophisticated palates. Nonna Franca's fried food, calamari and canestrelli, prawns and creamed cod, octopus salad, sauce for bigoli...

In front of the deli counter you are always spoiled for choice!


🥂 Paccheri with punctilla squid and cherry tomatoes paired with Chardonnay Barollo 2019 🥂

The dish chosen by Emanuele and Gianmaria has as its main ingredient puntilla squid: very fresh squid with a maximum size of 3-5 centimeters, very tasty and with a soft and velvety consistency. Cooking in a pan with excellent extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic and parsley allows them to release all their nuances of flavour, made even more delicious by the addition of a drop of barricaded chardonnay during cooking. The summer season gives us tasty and pulpy cherry tomatoes, which combined with squid give life to a creamy and enveloping sauce. The perfect seasoning for fresh pasta paccheri!

The persistence and strong flavors of this dish find the ideal match in our barricaded Chardonnay, thanks to the passage in French oak barriques, the notes of almost tropical ripe fruit and its spicy and slightly vanilla aromas.

The Pescheria e Gastronomia Delfino in Treviso is a real boutique for lovers of fish, always very fresh and of high quality! 🐟🦑 🦪 Here Emanuele and Gianmaria have chosen to combine our 2019 barricaded Chardonnay with the intense flavors of fresh paccheri with punctilla squid and cherry tomatoes. 🦑🍅


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