Barollo&Friends - Ep.2: Osteria Cae De Oro Treviso

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🍷 Ep.2: Barollo wines meet the flavors of the Venetian tradition of the Osteria Cae De Oro in Treviso 🍷

Our monthly appointments are back with the Barollo&Friends column which today takes us to the heart of Treviso, to discover a historic tavern with authentic and traditional flavours: Cae De Oro .

Barollo&Friends - Cae De Oro

Specializing in traditional Treviso dishes revisited in a modern key, Cae De Oro is a point of reference for both Treviso citizens and tourists and passing customers. Its cuisine, defined as "boccaccesca" by the owner Mauro, winks at the Venetian tradition with recipes such as bigoli with ragù, Vicenza-style cod, Venetian-style liver, roast rabbit and many other preparations that make you feel guests feel at home.

Cae De Oro Treviso


🍷 Venetian liver and Frank! vintage 2020 🍷

The dish chosen by Erdet, Chef of the Osteria Cae De Oro, is a traditional recipe from the lagoon city with very ancient origins. Its birth seems to date back to ancient Rome, where liver was served with figs to tone down its ferrous aftertaste. The wise Venetians replaced the figs with sio'le (onions), very common in the lagoon, which soon replaced the role of figs in sweetening the dish. The meat used for this recipe is traditionally pork , today often replaced with veal or veal (with a less strong taste than pork liver).

There is no doubt about the onions: the white one from Chioggia is the favorite and only it is able to give the dish that note sweet enough to contrast the strong flavor of the liver.
Frank! 2020 Barollo
Finally, the accessory ingredients, which in the Cae De Oro recipe are: clarified butter to fry both the onion and the liver, juniper-flavoured broth to sauté the onion, brandy to deglaze the liver and toasted bread croutons to accompany the dish. The velvety tannins and its balsamic hints make our Frank! 2020 vintage the perfect pairing with the Venetian liver from Osteria Cae De Oro.


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